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We are getting all wound up for Tucson again

And this year most of the updates will be on Facebook. Not here on the blog first. Because I’m a masochist and love doing things 5 times screaming “WHY??? You dealt with its yesterday!!!” No, that sounds bad. Because we are on the cutting edge, I tell you!! Naaahh. Nobody really believes that I can […]

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It’s a Yarn Crawl, Y’all!

Yep! Even though I didn’t find out about the Jacob’s Reward Farm DFW Yarn Crawl until the day before it started, after a lot of begging and whining, they let us join. OK, that’s just for dramatic effect. Actually, I emailed them and said “can we play too? PleasePleasePlease?” And immediately got a “Yes!” back. […]

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Matte glass and crystal bitties

Guess what came in at the Carrollton store? Itty bitty (3mm!!!) crystal rondells and bicones!  Lucious ickle-witty adorables!  See?  Look how big the penny is! They are even CUTER in person!  Plus more cubes, rondells, and bicones in amazing colors . And if you aren’t in the mood for sparkly, lookit these sweet babies!  Yep, Matte […]

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How to “DO” a Bead Show – A Buyer’s Guide

If you’ve never been to a bead show, or if you haven’t been to very many, here’s what to expect: 1. Waiting almost breathless with anticipation in line for the door to open. 2. Seeing the overwhelming sparkle of bright lights on thousands of sparkly beads. 3. Grabbing something shiny and shoving money at the […]

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